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PvE Horde guild on Absolute Virtue
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PostSubject: WARLOCK-APPLY -DEADMINE   WARLOCK-APPLY -DEADMINE EmptyMon Mar 17, 2008 4:04 pm

Age: 17
Country: Norway
Male/Female: male deadmine
Class: warlock
Talents/respecc for raids?: Im currently Demo for pvp, but can respec Affliction or destruction for Pve
Proffesions: None atm, but will take what you guys need
Gear: D1 getting Pvp stuff atm;)
How many hours online per day: i can play all week days;) Currently im on vacation now, so i will be playing alot;O
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PostSubject: Thing, your average guildie   WARLOCK-APPLY -DEADMINE EmptyMon Mar 17, 2008 6:45 pm

Heya I have no objections of you joining our guild, locks are great on retail wow and here. But earlier today two warlocks were abusing bugs ( sadly i do not know which warlock used which bug). One of them (Orc), whos name is irrelevant ( here ill say it : Tarjaa), supposedly used one of the forbiden talents in the warlock destro tree (the shadow and fire immunity proc talent). The other one was another warlock (UD) who(willingly or unwillingly , i do not know) supposedly used the Felguard's Intercept bug to "own" other players in WSG. Unfortunately, that warlock was you.
This is only my memory and therefore I have no proof of any of these accusations, the chances that I mixed it up are high. All that I have done is written the names down on a piece of paper.

You seem like a nice person and I wouldn't be happy if you would keep something from us.

The whole Guild depends on our Guild Leader (who is also a Game Master) so if we would keep something from him that could endanger his position as a good GM, we would be also giving a terrible reputation to the guild itself, and ofcourse the guild members.

All in all I wish you lot of luck with joining the guild, skilled players should always be welcome.

Your friendly neighbourhood Hunter, Thing.

P.S. To say it once more, this is only my mere opinion and doesnt have to do with any other guild members.
The above posted situation was observed by me, and agian I do not have any proof of it.
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