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 Enhance Shammy

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PostSubject: Enhance Shammy   Sat Mar 15, 2008 7:37 pm

Name: Sonny

Country: Usa [Kentucky]

Age: 17

Char Name: Merx

Class: Shammy

Talents: 6/45/0

Professions: None yeat just focusing on gear.

Gear: mostly dps blues and some d1

online: like 5 hours a day more on weekends

Expirence: im very expirenced with pre-bc i use to be a guild leader so i can be pretty helpful in boss fights ect.....

why im gonna join: Ninjas arnt hard to come by on this server and pugs suck. orginized pre-bc would be killer so yeah and invite would be awesome thanks for readin :]
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Enhance Shammy
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