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 Elementalix Undead Mage

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PostSubject: Elementalix Undead Mage   Fri Mar 14, 2008 4:05 pm

Age: 15
Country: sweden
Male/Female: male elementalix
Class: mage
Talents/respecc for raids?: arcane/frost
Proffesions: tailoring / enchanting.
Gear: just started playing here will get all possible pvp gear as soon as possible.
How many hours online per day: 3-7 on weekdays and whole days on the weekends.

Fire: 8
Nature: 8
Shadow: 18

Pre-TBC PvE experience: MC/Onyxia/ZG/aq20/aq40/

Why are you interested to join?: Becous I want to stay on this realm and play pre-tbc raids and pvp with new friends, and when doing that I donīt want to be in a kid guild doing crappy pugs.
I want to be in a very serious guild doing this for real as it would be on blizz.

I know my class very good and I played it pre-bc. Thanks for your time.
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Elementalix Undead Mage
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