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 Neonights' Application

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PostSubject: Neonights' Application   Thu Mar 13, 2008 10:41 pm

Age: 19
Country: Serbia
Male/Female: Male Neonights
Class: Healers, DPS ... you name it I can play all of them
Talents/respecc for raids?: Any
Proffesions: None
Gear: Full starting gear *
How many hours online per day: 12 +

Fire: 0
Nature: 0
Shadow: 0

Pre-TBC PvE experience: Ahh well, lemme go back to the old days. Our guild did ZG and Molten Core. After starting on AQ 20 our guild went down since our MT and a few core raiders left the guild -.-.. to bad for me, never actually had a chance to experience all the other PvE encounters out there

Why are you interested to join?: Prepare, its a silly special story .. please dont judge me from the above, take your time to read the app and lets see what happen. You already know I didnt have a chance to raid anything what comes after ZG and MC, Thats the main reason why I was looking for a private pre - TBC server. Im currently a rogue and I know you guys dont recruit any of them thats why I didnt decide what I will play yet untill I know which class spots are open. So if you need any classes, please post them and Ill create one right away. I will be able to raid pretty much whenever needed. Please help me out with this as I really want to start raiding where I stopped pretty much 2 years ago.

thanks, Djuro Milenkovic
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Neonights' Application
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