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 Superbengt - DPS warrior.

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PostSubject: Superbengt - DPS warrior.   Thu Mar 13, 2008 8:53 pm

pplications questions:

Talents/respecc for raids?:Arms atm (prefer to NOT got prot, cuz i'm not a good tanker)
Proffesions: 280 Alchemy (300 Anytime) / 300 Herbalism (Would also like to add that my Mage is a 300 skilled Enchanter, whit Crusader, +15 Agi 1H, +25 Agi 2H, 100+ HP / Mana on Chest, Mighty Spirit / Intellect and much more)
Gear: Starting one, and Ice Barbed Spear.
How many hours online per day: I usually play from whenever i get home to 22:00 at night because i'm still in school. (a bit longer on weekends)

Resistance: 8 (D1 Valor set bonus..)

Pre-TBC PvE experience: I raided ZG, MC, BWL, Ony, A bit of AQ20/40 and almost all World bosses on Retail.. Never done Naxx though >.<

Why are you interested to join?: I'm looking for a heavy progressing guild, and would hope to provide the guild whit some additional DPS Wink
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Superbengt - DPS warrior.
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